Monday, March 16, 2015

Think Beach!

Who's ready for floppy hats and flip flops?

To get ready for the season, here's a few items to check off:

1. Is it time to renew your Beach Pass?
2. Check the condition of your beach towels, discard any that are shabby or cut them up for cleaning cloths, even better, donate to your local animal shelters, they can always use towels.
3. Check the condition of your beach chairs, sunglasses, umbrellas, floats and toys. Donate unwanted items and throw out broken ones.  When shopping look for deals on summer goods such as sunglasses and suntan lotion. 
4. Organize your personal beach bag.

The perfect beach bag, organized and ready to go:
 You might need:
  • Sunscreen/lip balm
  • Book
  • Sunglasses (mine are sunglass readers)
  • Hair Clip,  for your unruly locks after a day on the beach
  • Hat
  • Cash
  • Zip lock or dry bag for your phone/camera
  • Talcum powder - great for removing sand from between your toes
  • Cover up

Shown here is the Vera Bradley, Vera Tote, I love it because it has so many pockets inside.  With all the above items I still have room for my towel, snack and water bottle.

All you need on the day is your beach chair, umbrella and toys!

Extras to keep in the car include a first aid kit, change for parking and a dry change of clothes, for the ride home!

WTZ7 first aid.jpg

Vera Bradley is available at The Scottish Mill Shop in Bluffton, SC.  They stock a great variety of totes and designs!

The handy dandy first aid kit is available from 
and only costs $16.

Witz First Aid Kit case comes prepacked with: 
Large knuckle bandage (1)
Large elastic bandage (3) 
Small round bandage (3) 
Small butterfly closure (2) 
Square gauze pad (1) 
Ointment foil pack (1) 
Antiseptic swab (3) 
Sting relief swab (1) 
Antacid (2) 
Ibuprofen (2) 
Aspirin (2) 
First Aid booklet (1) 
Poly Zip bag (1)