Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I don't have to check under the bed for monsters, there's no room for them!

Under the bed storage is like a bonus room for organizers! It can be used to solve many storage problems.

Here are my top five uses:

Stores 16 pairs
1. Shoes.  A shoe rack takes up quite a large area in a closet, vertical racks take a large area of potential hanging space. On low racks along the floor, shoes are concealed under hanging garments. 

Other options include over the door or back of the door shoe organizers, but these are "in your face" upon opening your closet door and unattractive.  This is when under the bed  is a great option.

Stores 6 pairs
Stores 12 pairs

Add Cedar planks to this
2. Seasonal clothing.  Placing your winter jackets or sweaters in under the bed storage during the summer months frees up space in your closet.  When you rotate and put away summer clothing in the storage box, as the seasons change, take the opportunity to purge and get rid of items that you won't be wearing again.

On wheels for east access
3.  Holiday decorations.  If you live in an apartment or condo and you may not have a basement, attic, garage or under the stairs cupboard, to store your seasonal items. Under the bed storage bins for your holiday decorations is a great option.  Providing you don't need the space for your closet overflow you can safely store your decorations and have easy access to them once a year.

Perfect for toys and games
4.  Children's toys, books, blankets.   Do your children like to snuggle with you on lazy weekend mornings?  Before long your room is littered with their favorite toys, books, games and blankies.  By storing a selection of their favorites in an easy pull out under bed storage box on wheels will stop the master bedroom from looking like another playroom.

5.  Archives.  If you are struggling to find room in the home office for seven years of tax returns and other important documents and papers, under the bed storage for archived files is a great option.  I recommend a clear plastic bin on wheels with detailed labels, for easy viewing and retrieval.  

In all cases, with under the bed storage your possessions are kept in a controlled climate, dust free and with easy access. The space under a king or queen bed allows for six or more containers. Potentially one box for all of the above and the sixth one for gift wrap?

just add wheels!
Check out these self adhesive wheels, then can be added to storage boxes and roll in two directions, depending on how they are placed.

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