Thursday, March 12, 2015

How to Organize Your Book Shelves

Summer is a popular time for reading, on the beach or poolside, Make space for your new books and organize your collection. 

First go through and pull out any you would like to donate, sell or gift and put them to one side.  

Decide how you would like to display your books: fiction, non fiction, travel, biography, special interest, how to, inspirational etc. Another option is to organize by color.  

Organize your genre stacks on the floor in size order,  until your bookcase is empty.  

Clean the shelves and gauge the space needed for the different sections. 

Dust the spines before replacing the books on the shelves.  

Alternate standing your books upright and laying them flat, to make it look more interesting.  If you have room, accent with decorative pieces.  

By Color
By Author

Gift Your Books To Your Friends ; Organize a luncheon and have everyone bring along a book or two to swap.

Donate Your Unwanted Books; Donate to local Hospitals, Hospice and Assisted Living Facilities, Thrift Stores and Charity Shops.

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