Thursday, March 26, 2015

Organizing Tips for a Small Bedroom

Tips to make a small bedroom look and feel larger and uncluttered

Remove all clutter;

Avoid too many throw pillows on the bed.

  • Instead of placing photo frames on your bedside table, wall mount your favorites.

  • Store your phone, keys, sunglasses and change etc in a drawer.

Use decorative magazine holders or boxes on book shelves for untidy paperwork.

Avoid bold patterns on your bedding and window dressings, as they draw the eye and can make a room look untidy.

Use Natural colors for a serene look, compliment with one or two small accent pieces or a single throw pillow on the bed in a bolder color.

Plenty of Light Is very important to make a room look larger, window dressings should be light and airy.  Choose blinds in the same color as the window frame, for privacy, without losing the natural light coming into the room.  Add one to two lamps and wall mounted mirrors to reflect light around the space.

Storage Solutions
  • An upholstered storage ottoman
  • Roll out under-bed storage makes a great horizontal bookcase
  • Bed with built in drawers underneath
  • Bedside table with drawers

Use vertical space and walls
  • Wall cabinets, tall bookcases, photos, mirrors, pictures
  • Wall mounted TV
  • Avoid high beds, or four poster beds

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